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Chicken Feet - Case

Chicken Feet - Case

Save when you buy by the case. $2.25/lb @ ~40 pounds per case. Weight may vary up to 10 pounds.
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No, you're not a witchdoctor if you buy chicken feet. They have long been a source of gelatin and minerals in homemade stock. Our chicken feet are cleaned and peeled and ready for use--no preparation needed! There is no hard-and-fast rule on how many feet to use in stock, but I like 1 bag of feet to about 3-4 bags of chicken backs. You can also add chicken feet to beef or pork broth to enhance the gelatin content. 

Each case of Chicken Feet contains roughly 12 individual packs of frozen Chicken Feet weighing about 3 lb each. They are already peeled and washed, ready for homemade broth!