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Chicken Soup Bones - Case

Chicken Soup Bones - Case

Save when you buy by the case. $2.25/lb @ ~50 pounds per case. Weight may vary up to 10 pounds.
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What's left over when the breast, wings, and legs are parted out of a chicken? The backs! Our chicken soup bones are ready to use for homemade broth, and often still have a generous amount of meat on them which can be salvaged to use for salads, soups, and casseroles. 

Broth-making is simple: Place the bones in a large pot and pack reasonably tightly. Cover with water, add vegetables, herbs, and vinegar if desired, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 50 minutes or until meat can be easily pulled from bones. If you wish to salvage the meat from the backs, carefully remove the chicken backs from the liquid and set aside to cool until safe to handle. Pick the meat off carefully and return the bones, cartilage, and skin back to the pot. Continue simmering broth for 8-20 hours, then strain and use or store. 

Each case of Chicken Soup Bones contains roughly 12 individual bags of frozen chicken backs (approximately 3 backs per bag). Each bag weighs roughly 4 lb and contains chicken bags that are ready for homemade broth!