Beef - Bulk (Half)

Beef - Bulk (Half)

Having a Half Beef in your freezer is a great strategy to save money, stop wondering what's for dinner, and try new cuts in the process of eating "nose to tail!"
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Everything from steaks and brisket to roasts, stew, soup bones, and a handful of organ meats, our Half Beef is ready to fill your freezer. We fill Halves out of our regular inventory so there is no waiting for a processing date, and no risk of communication mishaps at the butcher. You know exactly what's included and what the cost will be, and pickup through our routine drop points is free. All you have to do is make room in the freezer for this deliciously interesting variety of standard beef cuts.


  • Everything is pre-cut according to our top-selling beef items.
  • Pay a flat rate for a fixed assortment of meat--no guessing on final total or what's included.
  • 200 pounds total, including steaks, roasts, stew meat, ribs, brisket, organs, and soup bones. 
  • Each item is labeled and packed in modest meal-size portions.
  • Requires approximately 6-8 cubic feet of freezer space.
  • Frozen beef keeps well for at least a year. 

What's in a Half Beef?

Cut DescriptionApprox. Total Weight (lbs)Approx. # Packages
Filet Steak310
Fajita Steaks (Flank, Flap, Skirt)54
Sirloin Steak86
NY Strip86
Ribeye Steak68
Arm/Chuck Roast309
Shank (when available, else sub Roast)23
Short Ribs124
Roast Roast124
Stew Meat/Round Steak1212
Soup Bones103

How much beef do you need?

Our Half Beef package would last you approximately this amount of time: 

Number of Adult Eaters:2 Adults3 Adults4 Adults5 Adults
Light Beef Consumption (45 lb/year/person)2+ years1.5 years1+ year11 months
Average Beef Consumption (65 lb/year/person)1.5 years1+ year9+ months7+ months
Beef-lovers! (85 lb/year/person)14 months9+ months7 months5-6 months