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Pork Soup Bones - Case

Pork Soup Bones - Case

Pork broth is rich in gelatin and neutral in flavor. A farm favorite! ~Save on this case of ~50 lb! $1.30/lb
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Pork soup bones are one of our best-kept secrets! Simmering pork bones for broth yields a medium-darkness, gelatin-rich broth that will gel beautifully when chilled. It is mild enough in flavor to substitute for chicken broth in any recipe, and a great intro broth-making ingredient, due to the high gelatin content. A great way to get more broth into your diet is to substitute broth for water in savory recipes, such as for rice, biscuits, etc. We even use it to make oatmeal!

Cases contain individual bags running about 3-5 pounds each, totaling about 50 pounds.