SGR Online Ordering System Terms of Use

Ordering Particulars

Online Order Totals 

Online cart totals are approximate. Almost all of our products are sold by exact package weight. We do our best to use accurate estimates, but occasionally your final total may be more or less than quoted during the checkout process. 

Online Inventory Accuracy

Our inventory numbers are not exact. While we try to be conservative when "stocking" our online store, occasionally there may be issues that cause the available inventory to be lower than expected. If this occurs, we will try to contact you prior to the drop you select to see if you would like to make a substitution. 

Waiting List/Holding Policy 

If you contact us with a request to be on a waiting list for a particular item, we will only hold that item for you for one delivery cycle to your area and reserve the right to ask you to prepay to hold the item. If you do not choose to place an order for pickup at the next available cycle, we will pass the special item on to someone else and refund your payment less a small handling fee.

Delivery Day

Drop-Point Minimum

We are truly a family-run business. Most of the work is done by Matt and Jerica with the support of the grandparents, an employee or two, and occasional volunteer help on the side. That said, we reserve the right to cancel a drop point delivery if the total amount ordered is not enough to cover our time and travel to the drop point (there is no individual minimum order). In almost 8 years of farming, this has happened only once or twice, so it is extremely rare! If it should happen, we will notify relevant customers prior to the drop by phone or email. Please spread the word among friends to help us increase the orders for a given drop point! You may even gather enough interest to host a drop at your own home or business! Don't forget--even if we don't yet offer a drop in your town, you can always come out and pick up at the farm!

Delivery No-Shows

Please plan to make all efforts to pick up your order on time at the location you specify during checkout. You understand that if your order is not picked up, you may incur a non-refundable restocking charge. We understand the occasional extenuating circumstance (we're human, too!), but please be respectful of our time and effort to get your order to you. If you need to reach us on delivery day, Matt can be reached at 903-806-2775 and Jerica at 903-241-2775. Our office landline is 903-665-7076. 



Our website contains many recipes and cooking tips. Please check it out or ask if you have questions about how to cook something. Our animals truly are pasture-raised, meaning they get exercise and don't just stand around in a feedlot getting fat all day, so the meat will be firmer in texture, have more developed sinew, and be leaner than corn-fed, and must be cooked with that in mind. We cannot give refunds for uninformed cooking, but we are happy to help you learn so that every cut turns out great. Signing up for our email newsletter is a great way to get more information and tips about how to cook and store our products!


We try to screen every cut that passes into our store inventory to ensure high quality meats for our customers. However, we occasionally miss cuts with very large bones or excessive fat. (Note: Our hogs are heritage breeds developed for lard production and they will have fattier cuts than commercial. Embrace the fat! However, if you feel a cut is truly excessive, let us know.) Please contact us with photos if you have issues. We're not interested in leaving you with a bad experience. Talk to us if you are unhappy!


Convenience Fee

Pricing shown is the cash and check discount price. For all other forms of payment, add 3%.

Bad Check Policy

We have wonderfully honest customers and have never had an unreimbursed bounced check. If your check bounces, please plan to pay the full amount plus incurred fees. If it happens more than once, we may request that you pay cash or credit going forward.


We do not routinely ship. Though we primarily advocate buying locally-raised food, we understand the difficulty of finding food raised to high standards. We will entertain the idea of shipping frozen products (not eggs) via 2-day USPS where available. We can ship 15-30 pounds of frozen product (per box) to you at a final shipping cost of around $3-5 per pound. If you are interested in this, please contact Jerica by phone: 903-665-7076.