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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do eggs keep?

Our carton date is the official expiration, but it is our experience that our eggs last way past the date—like at least a month! We recommend keeping eggs refrigerated to extend their shelf life and maintain the quality. It’s fine to leave them on the counter a day or two before you use them—in fact, baking with room temp eggs works better! But for frying eggs, I prefer to use cold eggs because it helps keep the yolk from breaking during cracking.

What color are the egg yolks?

With REALLY pasture-raised eggs like ours, it depends on the time of year! Hint: if your store-bought eggs never have variation in yolk color... better be asking some questions about where the color comes from? There are colorant feed additives that industry producers use to control the yolk color. Even among those claiming to be "pasture raised." So know your sources. Read more on this topic over at our blog.

Is your beef REALLY grass-fed?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. There is so much deception associated with this issue, it makes us bonkers! Our beef is 100% grass-fed all the way to the time the cow steps off of that trailer at the slaughterhouse. The ONLY exception to this is when we purchase breeding stock (i.e. young heifers or bulls intended for making babies, not for eating) from a different farm, we *may* allow for a teeny bit of winter protein supplementation, but everything else would have to be just right about that farm for us to make this exception, and even then, the animal is going to live with us for at least 3 years before it's slaughtered, so the grain is long gone by the time it reaches our freezers, and definitely did not contribute to the "finishing" period of the beef. This supplementation exception does NOT apply to "stockers," or cows intended for meat--if we purchase animals with the intent to finish and slaughter, they must be 100% grass-fed throughout their entire lives. All cattle born at our ranch never taste a lick of supplemental protein or grain in their lives. And our herd is so large at this point, we don't really even foresee needing to purchase additional animals. We just like to cross those t's so you know what kinds of exceptions might be made in rare cases.

How long does meat keep?

Most whole muscle cuts keep for a year in the freezer, but even then, so long as the cold storage conditions haven’t been compromised (i.e. power didn’t go out and allow the meat to thaw), technically frozen meats never go “bad,” they just start tasting old. Ground and seasoned products may begin to taste “off” sooner than whole cuts, but they still keep a good 6 months or more. 

We suggest staying stocked up at least 3-4 months ahead in case of any seasonal shortages. We also suggest using any packages that have damaged seals first to prevent them from developing off flavors. 

How long after thawing does meat stay good?

This is a tricky question, because the answer depends on how you thawed the product (on the counter or in the fridge); how cold your fridge is; and whether the package has been opened or not. As a general rule, most products will last in a cold fridge about a week, and in fact, the steaks benefit from a nice slow thaw for about 3-4 days in fridge before cooking. Organ meats will have a shorter shelf life, especially after exposure to air. Naturally if any product develops an off smell or color, toss it!

Can I refreeze thawed meat?

As long as you haven’t allowed meats to sit a long time (more than 2 days in the fridge), they can be safely refrozen with the exception of steaks, which will lose their nice texture if refrozen. However, if meat is only partially thawed and still has ice crystals, it can be refrozen, even steaks. 

Do I have to buy a whole cow?

No, but you can! Buying in bulk is a great way to save on more expensive cuts like steaks, and it gives you the experience of eating “nose to tail.” We offer seasonal specials on custom-processed beef and pork, but most of our customers purchase smaller quantities, which is totally fine by us! Whatever suits you!

What is the best time of year to buy?

We strive to keep all our products in stock year-round. It can be a little tricky because we also try to work in sync with nature, which has periods of rest and low production. The way we balance this is to slightly overproduce in the abundant seasons so we have a cushion to ride on during the shortage seasons. But it can be tricky because sometimes we have to project production as far as a year in advance! We suggest trying to keep 2-4 months ahead of your own consumption needs in case of any shortages. We’ll always have something in stock, so even if you run out, you can get creative! 

Generally speaking our "harvest season" is in the late fall. This is when you'll find the highest inventory and widest selection. It's a great time to fill your freezer for the year.

Is cooking very different?

Yes, but in a good way! Our meat has TONS of flavor and doesn’t need a bunch of canned or boxed ingredients to enhance the taste. You’ll find that sea salt and pepper is about all you need for most things! There are some small differences in cooking the various types of cuts. Turkey: cooks about 25% faster than conventional. Mind the temperature so you don't overcook it. Steaks: Cook must faster than conventional, and also greatly benefit from a “wet age” period in the fridge a few days before cooking. We suggest no more than medium for doneness. Roasts: Our slow-cooker roasts should turn out fork-tender, but may need a little more time than conventional meats. Low and slow! 

How much freezer space do I need?

We suggest planning 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 25-35 pounds of meat. Whole chickens take up more space per pound because they’re hollow. Beef steaks and bone-in cuts are very compact and dense for their size, so you can fit more weight in a given space. 

How many pounds should I plan to buy?

Generally speaking, a generous adult size serving is 0.4 pounds of raw meat, regardless of bone. However, we find that many of our products go farther than that because there is not as much water loss or shrinkage as with conventional meats. For example, that is way more weight than I would need to feed my family hamburger. I could easily get away with 1 lb for 3-4 people, making the effective serving size more like 0.25 to 0.3 lb for a boneless cut. A good starting place for most folks is to plan 5 lb of meat per person per month for suppers and another 5 lb of breakfast meats (if you do a hot breakfast most days, which you should!!). Don't forget the eggs!

Ordering FAQ's

Ordering FAQ's

Will the final total be the same as that listed in my Order Confirmation email? 

Most of our frozen products are sold by actual package weight, so once your order is packed, we will adjust your order according to actual package sizes you receive and invoice you for that exact total. We strive to keep final each package weight within 10% of estimated for variable weight packages. We're often even closer than that! Our goal is for your final total to be as close as possible to your estimated total. 

When will your card be charged after ordering online?

We pack and invoice orders after the deadline has passed, usually a day or two before delivery/pickup. At that time, you will receive a final order receipt listing the weights of packages received. That email will also contain security measures you should plan to show at pickup so we can release your order. This is especially important if you are new or are having someone else pick up for you. 

If you have an ESA balance or other credit (such as promotions or gift cards) sufficient to cover the total of this order, no charge will take place on your card. Any unpaid balance will be charged to your primary card on file. If the primary card cannot be processed, we will attempt to process any alternate card listed. If there are further issues with processing your payment, we will contact you by phone. 

How do I make changes to an order I've already submitted?

You are welcome to update or add to your order up to the deadline for the drop point you have chosen. Any changes made now will take effect immediately, since your order is already confirmed. Once the deadline expires, we will move your order to the "Processing" status, at which point you will no longer be able to make changes.

How will my order be packaged on pickup day?

Our usual method for packaging frozen items is to place them in plastic grocery sacks with up to 10 lb of product in each. If your order is 15 lb or more, we may elect to pack it in a box. If you would prefer bags only on a larger order, please email us prior to the deadline so we can make a note to bag your entire order (if possible). 

What happens if I discover that I can't make it to pickup after I've placed my order? What happens if I forget to pick up?

Orders can be cancelled or modified any time prior to the deadline, with no penalty or charges. Please note that orders cancelled after the deadline or not picked up at the selected location on time are subject to a restocking or transfer fee of $10 or 10% of the order total, whichever is greater, as described in our Terms of Service. We work really hard to get your order to you! Please work equally hard to have someone there to pick up on time so we can keep our deliveries free!