Current Farm Store Hours: Thursdays 3-6p, Fridays 10-3, & Saturdays 10-1. No appointment needed to come in and shop!
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How Pickup Points Work

It can seem a little strange to "do groceries" this way, but it's actually a lot like curbside pickup. You'll love how efficient our pickups are! Most folks are back on the road in 5-10 minutes! For this reason, we request that you be prompt to arrive at pickup time. We have other stops scheduled and need to be back on the road, too!

Benefits of Local Pickup

  • Quick and easy!
  • No minimum order.
  • No delivery fees.
  • Predictable selection and no shipping charges.
  • Shake your farmer's hand! 

To Order:

  1. For first-time orders, check out our pickup locations and choose the one that works best for your schedule and location. You can change this any time, but of course the pickup schedules vary by location. 
  2. Browse our ever-growing selection of pasture-raised meats and eggs and other nourishing goodies. Add what you need to your cart. If you have any special requests, type them into the Comments box during checkout.
  3. Confirm your order by completing checkout before your location deadline. You should immediately receive an order number and email confirmation. If you don't and think you should have, please call us so we can help make sure your order went through. The total you see may change a bit when your order is packed. Most of our products are sold by exact weight, and we only charge you for what you actually receive. After your deadline has passed and your order is packed, we'll bill your credit card on file (unless you have an ESA balance or gift certificate code). 
  4. Orders are usually due two days before the pickup at midnight.


If you prefer not to pay by credit card, we have an alternative solution called the Edible Savings Account, which is a great way to save money on real food. Please note, this option must be set up at least a week before your desired pickup date. 

To Pick Up:

  • Set your calendar for your upcoming pickup date and time. Meet us at the pickup you selected, and pretty please be prompt! 
  • All we need when you arrive is your name and a visual confirmation of your order (sent to you by email before pickup). We'll have a paper copy of your invoice and will have notified you if anything had to be changed about your order. If you're sending someone to pick up for you, please notify us ahead so we can release your order to them.
  • Your order will come nice and frozen (except eggs or other refrigerated goods) and packed in grocery sacks which are easy to carry to your car. If you place a larger order, we may pack it in boxes, and we can assist you to your car. You do not need a cooler or bags, but a cooler is nice for the trip home.
  • We usually drive a retired Red Cross ambulance (the "Hambulance"!) but sometimes have to swap vehicles depending on farm needs. We'll set up a couple of tables and be smiling at the cars passing in case it's you. :-) We do not put up a sign because it's a private pickup, not a market. We don't bring extras except a few eggs in case of mishaps.
  • Weather issues: If it is highly likely that we may experience bad weather during the pickup, we will reschedule for a different time or day. However, for regular rain, we bring a tent and try to carry on (we are farmers, after all!). If it's raining when you arrive, feel free to text us and we'll carry your order to your car. No sense in everyone getting wet! Be sure to use our mobile number, which you'll receive in email communications regarding your order.
  • If something urgent comes up after the deadline and you can't make the pickup, please contact us as soon as possible. If no one shows to pick up your order, we charge a restocking fee. See our Terms of Service for details. 

Pickup Schedules

Following are our current pickup locations. Click the link for each to see the schedule and location on a map.

Longview : Third Thursday of each month from 10:15-10:45 in north Longview.

Marshall : Third Thursday of each month at 12:15. 

Shreveport : Approx. Two Saturdays per month from 10:15-10:55. (Usually the wame week as 2nd and 4th Thursdays)

Tyler : First Thursday of each month from 9:45-10:15.

On-Farm in Jefferson : During Farm Store Hours or by appointment--select at checkout.

We make the occasional exception to this schedule due to the way holidays fall, but it works just about year-round!