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How Shipping Works

We are excited to now be able to offer a home-delivery option via UPS!

Benefits of Home Delivery

  • Cater to your work/travel schedule by not having to be at scheduled drops.
  • Get product even if you live too far from the farm to drive out.
  • Support a real family farm working hard to grow real, Pasture-Raised meats!

To Order:

  1. For first-time orders, first create an account with us, and set your delivery location to Shipping, assuming it's available for your shipping area.  
  2. Browse our ever-growing selection of pasture-raised meats. Add what you need to your cart. If you have any special requests, type them into the Comments box during checkout. At this time, we cannot offer eggs, cottage foods, supplements, or soap through FedEx, but we're working on it!
  3. No fees! The shipping is taken care of through our pricing, so you don't have to worry about calculating shipping. Minimum order is $200 to ship. Bundles maximize your savings by utilizing our shipping containers efficiently.
  4. Confirm your order by completing checkout before the shipping deadline. Orders must be placed by the Friday night before ship date. This gives us Saturday and Monday to prepare your order to ship. We ship out on Tuesdays and orders typically arrive at your home on Wednesday. 
  5. When you complete your order, you should immediately receive an order number and email confirmation. If you don't and think you should have, please call or email us so we can help make sure your order went through.
  6. The total you see at confirmation may change a bit when your order is packed. Most of our products are sold by exact weight, and we only charge you for what you actually receive. After your deadline has passed and your order is packed, we'll bill your credit card on file (unless you have an ESA balance or gift certificate code). 


If you prefer not to pay by credit card, we have an alternative solution called the Edible Savings Account, which is a great way to save money on real food. Please note, this option must be set up by mail at least a week before your desired ship date. Otherwise payment must be made online at the time you place your order. Your card won't be billed until we actually pack your order and schedule your shipment.

Your Ship Date

  • The Monday of your shipping week, we'll pack your order and bill your card on file. If there are any problems with your order, we'll call or email you.  
  • We typically ship by UPS overnight so you don't have to worry about dealing with dry ice. After your order is packed and billed, we'll supply tracking information and will follow up to make sure your order arrived in satisfactory condition. 
  • Holidays: UPS does not operate on major holidays, so if we discover that your package would be in transit on a major holiday, or there is a national weather event causing shipping delays, we may delay your shipment to the following week. Of course we will be in communication with you. 
  • We're working on expanding our shipping reach, so if you don't find your zip code in our system, feel free to contact us to get a custom shipping quote!


We also have a variety of local pickup options, including on-farm pickup! See local options.

Shipping FAQs

Do I need to create a separate account if I use both Pickup Locations and Home Delivery via UPS?

Nope! You can use a single account and change to any options available to your zip code. If you are out of the area and want to make a road trip to the farm (yes people do that!), you can borrow our zip code to get your account set up: 75657. Disclaimer: Not all products are available for shipping, so if you have something in your cart that isn't eligible, you'll have to remove it before changing to home delivery. The system will let you know if you need to do that.

Where do you offer home delivery?

Right now it's a regional area centering around East Texas, but we hope to continue expanding so we can serve more like-minded folks! This map is *extremely* approximated to give you an idea of what we can do. The yellow areas are those we'd need you to contact us privately to work out shipping to you.


Do I have to subscribe to regular shipments?

No! You can order what you want, when you want. All we require is a $120 minimum for shipping. If you’re local-ish and want to order smaller quantities, check out our in-person pickup options. Our local pickups cover a diameter of over 120 miles!

Can I subscribe to regular shipments?

Haha, some folks LOVE subscriptions! Our site doesn’t do subscriptions (yet!), but we’re working on it. If you need help remembering to order, we can set up a scheduled reminder for you. Just let us know!

What’s with the minimum order requirement for shipping?

It is very difficult to keep very small orders cold enough in transit, and ends up being quite costly if a person is only ordering a pound of meat or so. This is the reason we have a minimum order. We’ve attempted to optimize the shipping cost so that you’re mostly paying for meat, not for a box or a carrier service. The best deals on shipping are our bundle packs, which are packed full and yield the best return per dollar.

Why are shipping prices more expensive than in-person pickup prices?

The short story is… shipping ain’t really free. We use hefty insulated containers and insurance to ensure that your order arrives in tip-top shape and that you are protected if it doesn't, and that all adds a lot to the cost of the order. We set up our shipping prices so we make the same amount on the meats as if you were picking up at the farm or at a pickup point--the increase in price for shipped orders simply gives you the convenience of bringing the farm to your doorstep.

We’re working on ways to continue reducing the costs of home delivery. If you’re near enough to our farm to pick up in person, we encourage you to utilize that option (especially because you can get things like eggs!!). But sometimes the convenience of having it brought to your doorstep is worth a few extra dollars, and you can switch between options any time if you’re in the local area.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

We try to be really careful selecting cuts, packaging your order, and choosing higher-grade insulated boxes to ensure your order arrives in fantastic condition. However, things still sometimes go wrong! If your order arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible with photos. These help us to visualize what went wrong so that we can prevent issues in the future (where possible). If it was a carrier issue, we may be able to negotiate a reimbursement for the damaged product, and your photos will aid us in that process. If it was due to faulty packaging, your feedback will help us improve. But that’s all on our end—in either case, we will either refund or reship your order—whatever it takes to make it right again.