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Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Rich, flavorful, and versatile--and really 100% grass-fed! 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb
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100% Grass-fed Ground Beef is rich and flavorful and highly versatile. Packed in convenient 1 lb packs, use it for simple dishes like spaghetti and hamburgers, or gourmet dishes like moussaka and homemade sauces.

Our hamburger never contains filler and is never "cleaned" with ammonium or gassed with carbon monoxide (yes, they really do that!). While not overly fatty, the fat it contains is from our very own totally grass-fed cows and is pleasant in texture, not oily or greasy like corn-fed beef. We suggest skipping the draining step and leave the fat in your sauces or casseroles to enhance nutrition and value. After all, most of the benefits of grass-fed beef are in the fat (Vitamin E, CLA, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc)!