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Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak

Grass-fed Ribeye is leaner than feedlot-raised beef, but way richer in flavor. Packed as singles, ~12 oz each @ $26.00/lb
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Packed as singles, approximately 12 oz each. Our ribeye steak is truly grass-fed and comes from animals that "work" for their living, so though it may not be as tender or fatty as feedlot-raised, it is delightful and full of delicious, real beefy flavor. Don't get us wrong--it's still tender! Just take care during grilling not to overcook it. We like to "wet age" it in the unopened package in the fridge for a few days before grilling. No steak sauce is needed for this delicious cut--just some sea salt and pepper. It really is that good!