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Beef Fat (Raw, "Suet")

Beef Fat (Raw, "Suet")

Render your own beef fat at home for a more nutritious cooking oil. 3-5 lb packs @ $4.00/lb
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Beef Fat (also called Suet) is high in saturated fats and beneficial fatty acids and is an excellent choice for deep-frying, as the highly saturated nature of it is more stable at high-temperature. We offer it pre-ground for easy home rendering. Fast food chains used to use beef fat for their frying oil before the vegetable oil advocates started telling us not to use animal fats. Now the fast food places use artificial flavors to try to mimic the delicious flavor of real tallow. Beef Fat, after rendering into tallow, seriously makes the best-tasting French Fries you'll ever eat!

To render: Place thawed beef fat in large heavy-bottomed pot with 1/4 cup water for every 5 pounds of fat. Cover and heat over very low heat, stirring occasionally. When liquid oil appears, strain it into heat-safe containers and allow to cool and solidify. Store refrigerated or frozen. Remaining connective tissue can be used for wild birds or pets or even seasoned and used as salad topping!