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On Sale!

Here is where you'll find current specials and brand-new or limited edition items. We add new sale items at least monthly. For first notice of what's on sale this month, sign up for our email newsletter!

Beef Soup Bones

Beef broth is rich in gelatin and nutrients and great for hungry tummies! ~3 lb bags @ $6.00/lb *Jan Sale! Half Price!*
SALE $3.00 savings

Chicken Breast Tenders

Special seasonal item! ~1.2 lb @ $15.00/lb

Chicken Livers

A great introductory organ meat. Saute them with onions. ~1.2 lb @ $6.00/lb *Jan Sale! $4.00/lb!*
SALE $2.00 savings

Pork Breakfast Pan Sausage (Organic Seasoning)

New! All organic seasonings turn this pure pastured pork into a simple breakfast delight! 1 lb ea @ $7.00/lb

Pork Smoked Andouille Sausage Links

New! All organic seasonings and naturally smoked, we are excited to introduce this new Smoked Andouille link! 4 links per ~14 oz package. $9.50/pk.

Pork Smoked Summer Sausage

New! All organic seasonings make this ready-to-eat summer sausage a convenient and healthy snack! Approx. 14 oz. $9.50 per package.

Smoked Ham Steak (1/2")

A thinner smoked ham steak, lovely for a quick breakfast or for use in fancy dishes. ~1.1 lb each @ $9.50/lb *Jan Sale! $7.50/lb!*
SALE $2.00 savings

Standing Pork Loin Roast

Restaurant-quality bone-in 8-rib pork roast, great for special occasions. 7-9 lb per pack @ $4.90/lb
SALE $3.60 savings