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Our beef is unique because not only is it totally chemical-free and 100% grass-fed, we also take care to raise the animals to a state of full finish, meaning they are nice and fat when they are processed. This makes the flavor and texture of the meat top-notch, and increases the value and nutrition of the cuts we sell (the best part about grass-fed is in the fat, you know! Increased levels of Vitamins A and E, CLA, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc...). We are committed to avoiding GMOs, soy, grain concentrates, hormones and other growth stimulants, and subtherapeutic (non-emergency) antibiotics, chemical vermicides, etc. Don't get duped by fake important "grass-fed" beef from the store. Know your farmer!

Ground Beef

Rich, flavorful, and versatile--and really 100% grass-fed! 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb

Brisket (Trimmed)

A flavorful classic for smoking or slow-cooking with a rich sauce or dry rub. Already trimmed of surplus fat. ~2-3 lb each @ $10.35/lb

Ground Beef Bulk Bundle

Stock up and save on 1-lb Ground Beef Packages when you buy a case of 50 pounds. Individually wrapped in 1 lb packs @ $8.69/lb.
Bulk Deal $0.36 savings

Beef Shank

A farm favorite--we love the rich broth and delicate texture of this cut. ~1.1 lb per pack @ $8.00/lb Sale! Save $0.50/lb.
Sale $0.50 savings

Burger Patties

New! Convenient 1/4-lb patties. Packed 4 to a package, 1 lb total @ $10.35/lb

Beef Short Ribs

A flavorful and interesting classic. Smoke, bake, braise, or slow-cook. ~1-2 lb per pack @ $6.25/lb

Beef Stew Meat

Tasty, rich beef flavor conveniently cubed and packed for beef stew or soup. 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb

Beef Soup Bones

New Lower Price! Beef broth is rich in gelatin and nutrients and great for hungry tummies! ~3 lb bags @ $3.10/lb

Beef Fat (Raw, "Suet")

Render your own beef fat at home for a more nutritious cooking oil. 3-5 lb packs @ $4.00/lb

Beef Heart

More a muscle meat than an organ, delicious slow-cooked like a roast. ~2-3 lb each @ $6.25/lb

Beef Kidney

Try traditional dishes like steak and kidney pie to enjoy this cut. ~1-2 lb each @ $6.25/lb

Beef Liver

Rich in nutrients, try liver seared like a steak and smothered with onions and gravy. ~1 lb per pack @ $6.25/lb


A farm favorite--oxtail soup is truly a culinary delight, and simple to make! ~2.5 lb per pack @ $10.35/lb

Beef Tongue

A surprising favorite--cooks up tender and flavorful in the slow cooker. 2-3 lb each @ $6.25/lb

Beef Tallow (Rendered)

Beef tallow is highly saturated and safer for cooking than veggie oil. Pre-rendered and ready to use. Sold by the quart.

Beef Arm Roast

A farm favorite--delightful texture and pleasantly beefy flavor perfect for the slow-cooker. ~2.75-3.5 lb each @ $8.50/lb

Beef Chuck Roast

The delicious traditional classic, perfect for Sunday afternoon, or "set it and forget it" slow-cooker dishes! ~2.75-3.25 lb each @ $8.50/lb.

Beef Heel of Round Roast

A new favorite at the ranch! Lots of intramuscular marbling and collagen. Slow-cook it for an exquisitely tender and flavorful roast. Boneless. 2.25-3 lb each @ $8.50/lb

Beef Boneless Round Roast

A versatile slow-cooker cut with pleasant beefy flavor. This one needs some supplemental moisture during cooking. 2-3 lb ea @ $9.05/lb

Beef Loin Tip Roast

A more tender boneless roast from the round section. Slow cook it. ~2 lb each @ $9.05/lb

Beef Rump Roast

New! A slightly fatter, large-boned cut of round that will produce tasty pan drippings. 3-5 lb each @ $7.25/lb

Beef Flap Steak

Great for crockpot fajitas. Sturdy enough to hold up to slow-cooking, but tender, marbled, and flavorful! 1-2 lb each @ $12.00/lb

Beef Skirt Steak

Great for fajitas. Marinate it in a dry rub for a few days in the fridge, then either grill it quickly, or cut it into strips and pan-sear. 1-2 lb each @ $15.50/lb.

Beef Flank Steak

Great for fajitas. Marinate then grill this delicately textured steak. ~1.2-1.6 lb each @ $15.50/lb

Beef Round Steak (Tenderized)

A farm favorite--country-fried steak with onions and gravy. Yum! 1-2 lb each @ $9.05/lb

Ribeye Steak

Grass-fed Ribeye is leaner than feedlot-raised beef, but way richer in flavor. Packed as singles, ~12 oz each @ $26.00/lb

Beef Sirloin Steak

A rich and versatile but economical steak, great for grilling or for use in dishes. 1-1.5 lb each @ $15.50/lb

Beef Filet of Tenderloin Steak

Though tiny, Filet Steak is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to beef steaks. Packed as singles, ~3-4 ounces each @ $28.00/lb.

Beef NY Strip Steak

NY Strip Steak is a fine-textured, mild-tasting, very tender steak. Packed in pairs, ~0.9-1.2 lb total @ $15.50/lb

Beef - Bulk (Half)

Having a Half Beef in your freezer is a great strategy to save money, stop wondering what's for dinner, and try new cuts in the process of eating "nose to tail!"
Bulk Deal $200.00 savings

Beef - Bulk (Quarter)

Having a Quarter Beef in your freezer is a great strategy to save money, stop wondering what's for dinner, and try new cuts in the process of eating "nose to tail!"
Bulk Deal $50.00 savings

Stock-Up Special

50 lb total of our most popular budget-friendly cuts, including whole chickens, slow-cooker beef roasts, ground beef, breakfast sausage, pork chops, and pork shoulder roast.
Bulk Deal $17.20 savings

Barnyard Extraordinaire Sampler

Beef, Pork, and Chicken, all in one massive sampler at the half-cow discount! Over 162 pounds of delicious for your freezer...
Bulk Deal $117.60 savings

Beef Soup Bones - 50 lb Case

Save when you buy a case of beef bones! ~50 lb packed in 3 lb bags. $2.85/lb.
Bulk Deal $0.25 savings

Beef Cubed Sirloin

New! Premium Sirloin Steak, sliced into bite-sized cubes, perfect for stir-fry, beef stroganoff, or an ultra-tender stew meat. 1 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Ground Ribeye

Our premium-quality Ground Ribeye is a seasonal treat! Try it for the best burgers ever! 1 lb packs @ $15/lb
Sale $10.00 savings

T-Bone Steak

Limited inventory! A delicious steak with both the tenderloin and the short loin connected by a flavor-enhancing bone. 12-16 oz each @ $20.00/lb.

Beef Bone Broth (Quart)

New! Real, Pure Beef Bone Broth, made from our very own grass-fed beef bones! 1 quart package. Frozen.

Winter Comforts Sampler

Prepare to snuggle up after enjoying this selection of delicious, comforting meal centerpieces... and save $10!
Sale $10.00 savings

Bone-in Strip Steak Single

Actually a T-Bone, but with too little tenderloin on the small side to be sold as such. But the Short Loin side will make a mean bone-in steak! Packed as a single ~1 lb each @ $15.50/lb.
Limited Inventory $0.00 savings

Ground Beef Short Loin

New Limited Batch! This Ground Beef Strip Loin is lean but super tender and delicious. Perfect for gourmet appetizers like meatballs and tartare. 1 lb packs @ $12/lb
Limited Availability $3.50 savings

Ground Beef Sirloin

New Limited Batch! This Ground Beef Sirloin is rich and flavorful. Perfect for gourmet versions of beefy classics like chili or tacos. 1 lb packs @ $10.50/lb
Limited Availability $5.00 savings

Ground Beef (Fat Batch)

New Limited Batch! Perfect for folks who appreciate a good, fatty blend of all grass-fed beef. Makes the best burgers ever! 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb
Limited Availability $0.00 savings

CLEARANCE - Beef Skirt Steak

Great for fajitas or pan-seared steak in a hurry. 1-2 lb each. April 2018 Process date. Clearance Price - $12/lb.
Sale $3.50 savings

CLEARANCE - Beef Round Steak

A farm favorite--country-fried steak with onions and gravy. Yum! 1-2 lb each. April 2018 Process Date. Clearance price $8.00/lb
Sale $1.05 savings

Beef Cutlets (Tenderized)

A delicious new take on an old favorite. Make chicken-fried steak with this lean, trimmed and tenderized minute steak. It's yummy! ~1 lb per pack @ $9.05/lb
Limited Inventory $0.00 savings