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Our beef is unique because not only is it totally chemical-free and 100% grass-fed, we also take care to raise the animals to a state of full finish, meaning they are nice and fat when they are processed. This makes the flavor and texture of the meat top-notch, and increases the value and nutrition of the cuts we sell (the best part about grass-fed is in the fat, you know! Increased levels of Vitamins A and E, CLA, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc...). We are committed to avoiding GMOs, soy, grain concentrates, hormones and other growth stimulants, and subtherapeutic (non-emergency) antibiotics, chemical vermicides, etc. Don't get duped by fake important "grass-fed" beef from the store. Know your farmer!


A flavorful classic for smoking or slow-cooking with a rich sauce or dry rub. ~3-4 lb each @ $10.00/lb

Beef - Bulk (Half)

Having a Half Beef in your freezer is a great strategy to save money, stop wondering what's for dinner, and try new cuts in the process of eating "nose to tail!"

Beef - Bulk (Quarter)

Having a Quarter Beef in your freezer is a great strategy to save money, stop wondering what's for dinner, and try new cuts in the process of eating "nose to tail!"

Beef Cheek

New! Rich in flavor and great for slow-cooking for barbacoa. $8.75/lb @ 2-3 lb ea

Ground Beef Bulk Bundle

Stock up and save on 1-lb Ground Beef Packages when you buy a case of 50 pounds. Individually wrapped in 1 lb packs @ $8.50/lb.

Ground Beef

Rich, flavorful, and versatile--and really 100% grass-fed! 1 lb packs @ $8.75/lb

Burger Patties

New! Convenient 1/4-lb patties. Packed 4 to a package, 1 lb total @ $10.00/lb

Beef Short Ribs

A flavorful and interesting classic. Smoke, bake, braise, or slow-cook. ~2-3 lb each @ $6.00/lb

Beef Stew Meat

Tasty, rich beef flavor conveniently cubed and packed for beef stew or soup. 1 lb packs @ $8.75/lb

Beef Soup Bones

Beef broth is rich in gelatin and nutrients and great for hungry tummies! ~3 lb bags @ $6.00/lb *Jan Sale! Half Price!*
SALE $3.00 savings

Beef Fat (Raw, "Suet")

Render your own beef fat at home for a more nutritious cooking oil. 3-5 lb packs @ $4.00/lb

Beef Heart

More a muscle meat than an organ, delicious slow-cooked like a roast. ~2-3 lb each @ $6.00/lb

Beef Kidney

Try traditional dishes like steak and kidney pie to enjoy this cut. ~1-2 lb each @ $6.00/lb

Beef Liver

Rich in nutrients, try liver seared like a steak and smothered with onions and gravy. ~1 lb per pack @ $6.00/lb


A farm favorite--oxtail soup is truly a culinary delight, and simple to make! 1-2 lb per pack @ $10.00/lb

Beef Tongue

A surprising favorite--cooks up tender and flavorful in the slow cooker. 2-3 lb each @ $6.00/lb

Beef Tallow (Rendered)

Beef tallow is highly saturated and safer for cooking. Pre-rendered and ready to use. Sold by the quart.

Beef Arm Roast

A farm favorite--delightful texture and pleasantly beefy flavor perfect for the slow-cooker. $8/lb @ ~3 lb each

Beef Chuck Roast

The delicious traditional classic, perfect for Sunday afternoon! 3-4 lb each @ $8.00/lb

Beef Heel of Round Roast

New! Another delightful slow-cooker roast from the round section. 3-4 lb each @ $8.75/lb

Beef Loin Strip Roast

A fun new take on beef loin. Make Roast Beef at home with this! ~2 lb each @ $12.00/lb

Beef Shank

A farm favorite--we love the rich broth and delicate texture of this cut. ~1 lb per pack $8.00/lb

Beef Boneless Round Roast

A versatile slow-cooker cut with pleasant beefy flavor. $8.75/lb @ 2-3 lb ea

Beef Loin Tip Roast

A more tender boneless roast from the round section. Slow cook it. ~3-4 lb each @ $8.75/lb

Beef Rump Roast

New! A slightly fatter, bone-in cut of round that will produce tasty pan drippings. 3-4 lb each @ $8.00/lb

Beef Filet Steak

Filet Steak is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to beef steaks. Packed as singles, ~4-5 ounces each @ $27.00/lb.

Beef Flap Steak

Great for fajitas. Marinate then grill this delicately textured steak. 1-2 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Beef Skirt Steak

Great for fajitas. Slightly fatter and coarser than flank steak, but just as delicious. 1-2 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Beef Flank Steak

Great for fajitas. Marinate then grill this delicately textured steak. ~1 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Beef Round Steak (Tenderized)

A farm favorite--country-fried steak with onions and gravy. Yum! 1-2 lb each @ $8.75/lb

Ribeye Steak

Grass-fed Ribeye is leaner than feedlot-raised beef, but way richer in flavor. Packed as singles, ~12 oz each @ $25.00/lb

Beef Sirloin Steak

A rich and versatile but economical steak, great for grilling or for use in dishes. 1-2 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Beef NY Strip Steak

NY Strip Steak is a fine-textured, mild-tasting, very tender steak. Packed in pairs, ~1.3 lb total @ $15.00/lb