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Raised in open pastures and woods and rotated frequently to new ground. Never fed GMOs, soy, antibiotics, ractopamine, or hormones. The breed we raise is a pasture-efficient, East Texas adapted combination of heritage breeds including Large Black, Red Wattle, Tamworth, and a touch of Hampshire and Yorkshire. Our pork has old-fashioned flavor, moisture, and tenderness--nothing like flavorless, dry, commercial pork! Best of all, you will not find any products with icky additives such as MSG, BHT, preservatives, or artificial color or flavor.

Smoked Jowl End Pieces

New! Smoked to perfection, this bacon comes from the pork jowl and makes delightful seasoning. 1 lb per pack @ $6.75/lb.
NEW! $0.00 savings

Smoked Jowl Bacon

New! Smoked and thinly sliced, this bacon comes from the pork jowl and is a fun and economical take on breakfast. 1 lb per pack @ $8.95/lb.
NEW! $0.00 savings

Canadian Bacon

New! Smoked and thinly sliced, this Canadian-style bacon comes from the loin and is super tender and delicious. 1 lb per pack @ $12.95/lb.
NEW! $0.00 savings

Pork Soup Bones - Case

Pork broth is rich in gelatin and neutral in flavor. A farm favorite! ~Save on this case of ~50 lb! $1.30/lb
Bulk Deal $0.20 savings

Chubby Pork Breakfast Pan Sausage

A slightly fatter-than-usual batch of our best-selling organically-seasoned breakfast sausage. Super-satisfying! 1 lb ea @ $7.25/lb
NEW! $0.25 savings

Early Spring Sampler

A nice blend of easy, healthy back-to-school options and some grillables for those warm days, plus a cute little piggy soap!
Special $8.20 savings

Barnyard Extraordinaire Sampler

Beef, Pork, and Chicken, all in one massive sampler at the half-cow discount! Over 140 pounds of delicious for your freezer...
Bulk Deal $114.82 savings

Stock-Up Special

50 lb total of our most popular budget-friendly cuts, including whole chickens, slow-cooker beef roasts, ground beef, breakfast sausage, pork chops, and pork shoulder roast.
Bulk Deal $17.20 savings