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Small Portions

Here is an assortment of our standard cuts that run small enough to work for the small household or those who don't care to eat a lot of leftovers. You'll find some slow-cooker-friendly items, some grillables, and some versatile things that work with sauces, soups, casseroles, or as the main dish. Many of these items come in larger packages, so if you find something you really like and want to make more at a time, check out our other categories!

Bone-in Strip Steak Single

Actually a T-Bone, but with too little tenderloin on the small side to be sold as such. But the Short Loin side will make a mean bone-in steak! Packed as a single ~1 lb each @ $15.50/lb.
Limited Inventory $0.00 savings

Ground Beef Short Loin

New Limited Batch! This Ground Beef Strip Loin is lean but super tender and delicious. Perfect for gourmet appetizers like meatballs and tartare. 1 lb packs @ $12/lb
Limited Availability $3.50 savings

Ground Beef Sirloin

New Limited Batch! This Ground Beef Sirloin is rich and flavorful. Perfect for gourmet versions of beefy classics like chili or tacos. 1 lb packs @ $10.50/lb
Limited Availability $5.00 savings

Ground Ribeye

Our premium-quality Ground Ribeye is a seasonal treat! Try it for the best burgers ever! 1 lb packs @ $15/lb
Sale $10.00 savings

Ground Beef (Fat Batch)

New Limited Batch! Perfect for folks who appreciate a good, fatty blend of all grass-fed beef. Makes the best burgers ever! 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb
Limited Availability $0.00 savings

Ground Beef

Rich, flavorful, and versatile--and really 100% grass-fed! 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb

Burger Patties

New! Convenient 1/4-lb patties. Packed 4 to a package, 1 lb total @ $10.35/lb

Beef Stew Meat

Tasty, rich beef flavor conveniently cubed and packed for beef stew or soup. 1 lb packs @ $9.05/lb

Beef Cubed Sirloin

New! Premium Sirloin Steak, sliced into bite-sized cubes, perfect for stir-fry, beef stroganoff, or an ultra-tender stew meat. 1 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Beef Shank

A farm favorite--we love the rich broth and delicate texture of this cut. ~1.1 lb per pack @ $8.00/lb Sale! Save $0.50/lb.
Sale $0.50 savings

Beef Filet of Tenderloin Steak

Though tiny, Filet Steak is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to beef steaks. Packed as singles, ~3-4 ounces each @ $28.00/lb.

Beef Flank Steak

Great for fajitas. Marinate then grill this delicately textured steak. ~1.2-1.6 lb each @ $15.50/lb

Ribeye Steak

Grass-fed Ribeye is leaner than feedlot-raised beef, but way richer in flavor. Packed as singles, ~12 oz each @ $26.00/lb

Beef NY Strip Steak

NY Strip Steak is a fine-textured, mild-tasting, very tender steak. Packed in pairs, ~0.9-1.2 lb total @ $15.50/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Quick-cooking and versatile, our boneless skinless chicken breast is tender and flavorful. 2 per pack. ~0.8-1.1 lb @ $12.50/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Small)

Quick-cooking and versatile, our boneless skinless chicken breast is tender and flavorful. 2 per pack. ~0.5-0.79 lb @ $12.50/lb

Chicken Breast Tenders

Special seasonal item! ~1.1 lb @ $15.00/lb

Eggs (Jumbo)

Jumbo eggs are somewhat rare, but most likely to contain double yolks!

Eggs (Large, 1 dz)

Large eggs are the ideal size for baking. Discount for 10 or more dozen.

Eggs (Medium, 1 dz)

Medium eggs are a nice size for breakfasts. Discount for 10 or more dozen.

Eggs (Small)

Small eggs are a great size for portable snacks or deviled eggs.

Eggs (Extra-Large, 1 dz)

Extra-Large eggs are the perfect size for the egg-lover!

Honey - 1 lb

New! Treatment free, local honey from Caplock honey in Shreveport.

Smoked Bacon Ends

Smoked bacon ends with no icky ingredients, great for soups and seasoning. 1 lb per pack @ $6.75/lb

Smoked Bacon

A real, old-timey-tasting sliced, smoked bacon with no sodium nitrates or preservatives. 1 lb per pack @ $9.95/lb.

Pork Belly, Plain, Sliced

Nothing-at-all-added plain sliced pork belly. Great for restricted diets. 1 lb per pack @ $8.95/lb

End-Cut Pork Chops, 1/2"

A thin-cut pork chop great for indoor searing--we like them for breakfast! Packed in pairs, ~1-2 lb per pack @ $7.95/lb

Smoked Ham Steak (1/2")

A thinner smoked ham steak, lovely for a quick breakfast or for use in fancy dishes. ~1.1 lb each @ $9.95/lb.

Pork Shank

A new cut in pork: cross-cut fresh Pork Shank! Nothing done to it at all--great for restricted diets to create gelatin-rich broth with no additives. 2-2.5 lb each @ $6.50/lb

Pork Tenderloin, Average

A small cut packed with flavor and tenderness--yummy grilled whole or as medallions. ~0.8-1.3 lb each @ $9.95/lb

Pork Smoked Andouille Sausage Links

New, smaller pack size! Authentic Cajun flavor with a good amount of heat, perfect for gumbo, jambalaya, etc! 4 links per package, ~0.9 lb per pack. $9.95/lb.

Pork Breakfast Pan Sausage (Organic Seasoning)

New! All organic seasonings turn this pure pastured pork into a simple breakfast delight! 1 lb ea @ $7.50/lb

Pork Mild Italian Pan Sausage

New! Organically-seasoned Italian Pan Sausage. 1 lb packs @ $7.50/lb

Ground Pork (Plain)

Plain Ground Pork is one of our most popular items. Great in meatloaf, tacos, and chili! 1 lb ea @ $7.00/lb