Welcome to our new online store! We have just launched this new system in hopes that it will make ordering easier and less frustrating for our fabulous customers. But it's quite different, so there's a lot to learn for us, too! If you have any issues or need assistance with ordering, please feel free to call 903-665-7076 and we will be glad to assist you.

Homemade Soap & More

Body and home products hand-made with our farm-raised products. Real Lard Soap is delightfully moisturizing and gentle. No artificial scents or preservatives in any of our products.

Soap, Unscented + Clay

Clay offers clarifying properties and is the only additive in this unscented bar.

Soap, Lemon Tea Tree

A citrusy-clean lightly scented pure lard soap.

Soap, Unscented

The purest soap we offer! Nothing but saponified lard! Cleansing but gentle and moisturizing.

Soap, Rosemary Mint

One of our favorites! Infused with home-grown rosemary.