Totally grass-fed and never fed antibiotics, hormones, GMO grasses/hay, or chemical vermicides. Raised by a small family farm in Oklahoma with similar principles as Shady Grove Ranch. Lambs are processed at our local butcher under our supervision.

Leg of Lamb, Boneless

The carving work is practically done on this boneless Leg of Lamb. ~4 lb each @ $20.00/lb.

Breast of Lamb (Boneless)

Sweet and succulent with slow braising. ~2.25 lb/pack @ $15.00/lb.

Lamb Shank

Wonderful braised for soup or stock. ~12 oz per pack @ $8.00/lb.

Leg of Lamb, Whole

A delightful presentation that is easy to cook! ~5 lb each @ $15.00/lb

Lamb Leaf Fat

Render your own suet at home for a more nutritious cooking oil. Lamb fat has a very neutral flavor. Pre-ground in 3 lb packs @ $4.00/lb.

Lamb Soup Bones

Homemade broth is a wonderful source of nutrients and easy to make. ~3 lb per pack @ $6.00/lb.

Lamb Shoulder Roast

A lovely intro cut to lamb. Slow-cook it or roast in the oven. ~2 lb each @ $13.00/lb.

Lamb Neck Steak

Marinate and grill, or slow-braise them for delicious pot roast. ~1.5 lb per pack @ $9.50/lb.

Rack of Lamb

A lovely presentation for your special occasion! ~1.5 lb @ $25.00/lb