Sausage & Smoked Products

We are sausage- and smoked-meat lovers here because they are so interesting and add such depth to everyday dishes. You won't find any MSG, sodium nitrate, preservatives, or artificial flavors among our sausage and smoked items. Some sausages come as loose pan sausage, some come as links, some come smoked. You'll also find various smoked ham products in this category. Enjoy!

Smoked Bacon Ends

Smoked bacon ends with no icky ingredients, great for soups and seasoning. 1 lb per pack @ $6.50/lb

Smoked Bacon

A real, old-timey-tasting sliced, smoked bacon with no sodium nitrates or preservatives. 1 lb per pack @ $9.50/lb.

Smoked Ham Steak (1")

A thicker smoked ham steak, lovely for cubing into soups or just eating like a real steak! On sale 25% off!
Sale $2.37 savings

Smoked Ham Hocks

Smoked Ham Hock is a wonderful addition to soups, beans, and stews. $4.00/lb @ ~2 lb per pack. On sale 25% off!
Sale $1.00 savings

Center-cut Ham Roast

A lovely 2"-thick, center-cut slice of smoked ham. Perfect for a holiday gathering or celebratory dinner. 6-8 lb each @ $7.50/lb. Close-out price $5/lb!
Sale $2.50 savings

Smoked Ham Steak (1/2")

A thinner smoked ham steak, lovely for a quick breakfast or for use in fancy dishes. ~1.1 lb each @ $9.50/lb. On sale 25% off!
Sale $2.37 savings

Pork Smoked Andouille Sausage Links - LIMITED EDITION

New! All organic seasonings and naturally smoked, we are excited to offer this Smoked Andouille link for a limited time! 4 links per ~14 oz package. $9.50/pk.

Pork Breakfast Pan Sausage (Organic Seasoning)

New! All organic seasonings turn this pure pastured pork into a simple breakfast delight! 1 lb ea @ $7.00/lb

Pork Mild Italian Link Sausage

New! Organically-seasoned Italian Sausage Links. ~1.1 lb packs containing approx. 4 links ea @ $9.50/lb

Ground Pork (Plain)

Plain Ground Pork is one of our most popular items. Great in meatloaf, tacos, and chili! 1 lb ea @ $6.50/lb